Kate Adamala

Bridging top-down and bottom-up approaches to synthetic biology

Top-down Bottom-up Adamala
Gene regulation and imaging
Regulation and readout of gene expression via general mRNA binding protein.
Synthetic minimal cells - artificial bioreactors interfacing with natural cells.

My research focuses on developing and applying tools for readout of mammalian cell states and for control of cellular processes, achieved via combining top-down and bottom-up approaches to synthetic biology.

The top-down approach involves building on the biological ensemble, modifying existing cellular pathways to explore and control biology.
My works focuses on building gene expression quantification and control tools via engineering single strand RNA binding proteins (more).

The bottom-up approach involves building chemical systems capable of mimicking cellular processes, such as protocells with replicating RNA and minimal peptide enzymes that couple catalysis to protocell fitness.
We aim at using those systems to develop synthetic minimal cell technology, to process chemical signals between mammalian cells and the environment (more).

I am postdoctoral associate in Ed Boyden's Synthetic Neurobiology group at MIT.

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